ImaLIBS – an innovative elemental imaging platform

The LIBS* material analysis platform is a high-tech device for innovative elemental imaging.  Combining laser technology and spectrometry, this fast elemental mapping technique can be used to:Cartographie d'analyse LIBS

  • Detect lightweight elements
  • Detect traces of substances
  • Perform qualitative analyses
  • Analyse diffusion profiles
  • Detect contaminants

Two main benefits of LIBS technology are its speed and high sensitivity. It is also ideal for analysing lightweight elements and can be easily adapted to a wide variety of materials. LIBS analysis can be used to detect various elements, from hydrogen to uranium. This technology is generally non destructive. It can also be used to analyse a surface covering an area from 15 μm to a few centimetres.

It can therefore be used to check the chemical composition of materials and conformity of raw materials. The results of analyses are presented in the form of mapping, displaying an image with the material’s components. Hence the name ImaLIBS.

Industrial solutions

Industrial solutions focus on three key areas:


Quality control helps to verify the composition and conformity of raw materials. Studying defects can also help to identify the source in the event of a failure.

Examples of ImaLIBS studies

  • Pollution in plants
  • Studies of paleoenvironments (speleothem, tooth, shell, etc.)
  • Detection of rare earths/lithium
  • Analysis of rocks for mineral extraction
  • Detection of nanoparticles
  • Presence of halogens in polymers

*LIBS = Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy


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