Automotive, space and aeronautics

Material lightening, durability, performance, comfort, extreme environments

Surface treatment & functionalisation
Surface treatment & functionalisation Aerodynamics, superhydrophobicity, anti-icing, self-healing, optical effects, textures, anti-stain, adhesion, antimicrobial, metallisation
Additive manufacturing
Additive manufacturing DED-CLAD process, parts reparation, refilling, added functions, 3D property-gradient materials, PIM process, 4D printing, photopolymerisation, 3D composites
Lightened & reinforced structures
Lightened & reinforced structures Thermoplastic composites, C/C composite brakes, foams, textile reinforcements, performance testing, photopolymerisable composites
Multi-material assembly
Multi-material assembly Laser welding (polymer/metal, etc.), reversible adhesion, chemical grafting, thin layering, chemical compatibilisation, stitching
Performance and durability testing
Performance and durability testing Climatic testing, performance testing, static and dynamic mechanical testing, tribology, wear and tear, ageing, biodegradability
Metrology and non-destructive inspection
Metrology and non-destructive inspection Chemical composition, VOC measurements, sensory metrology, online optical quality control processes, 3D digitisation, tomography
Smart materials
Smart materials Stimulable coatings, controlled salting-out, phase-change materials, multi-layering, electroluminescent, heating and insulating materials, sensor integration
Shielding systems and protection
Shielding systems and protection Material lightening, reinforcement, blast effects, active protection, metallic textile structures, hybrid yarns, conductive thermoplastics

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