Sport and Wellbeing

Material lightening, performance, aerodynamics, durability, sensors, active materials, textiles

Surface functionalisation
Surface functionalisation Aerodynamics, texturing and optical effects, adhesion, antimicrobial, superhydrophobicity, textile finishing, moisture transfer
Additive manufacturing
Additive manufacturing PIM hybrid process, metal/polymer/composite additive manufacturing, photopolymerisation, 4D printing, large-sized parts, production series
Lightened and high-performance materials
Lightened and high-performance materials Foams, composites, shaped braiding, reinforcement/matrix compatibilisation, laser texturing, post-treatment
Instrumented textiles
Instrumented textiles Textiles for monitoring, sensor integration (chemical, movement, deformation, biological), connected, electroluminescent and mechanochromic textiles
High-performance textiles
High-performance textiles Composite reinforcements, yarns/ fibres/textiles with high mechanical and thermal performance
Smart materials
Smart materials Sensor integration by embroidery or by direct embedding in the woven or knitted structure, stimulable coatings (pressure, temperature, humidity, light, etc.)
Active biocompatible materials
Active biocompatible materials Selective antibacterial coatings, chemical grafting of active molecules, multilayering, laser texturing
Performance and durability testing
Performance and durability testing Static and dynamic mechanical tests, tribological, climatic, wear & tear and abrasion tests, sensory comfort analysis

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