Lightened and reinforced structures



Carnot MICA is an expert in foams and emulsions.

Its expertise lies in the relationship that exists between the mechanical properties of solid foam end products and their generation in liquid form (matter, density, topology/geometry/cell connectivity).


Carnot MICA uses its skills and processes to:

  • Fine tune its design of foams and the properties of their end products (formulation, generation, stabilisation, structuring, functionalisation)
  • Characterise them at various scales (microscopic level)
  • Model them to verify the relationship between properties and structures

This expertise is used for applications in the healthcare (adsorbent products and active ingredient release products), packaging and transport (lightness and resistance) sectors, among others.

Radio-polymerisation / radio-reticulation

Radio-polymerisation is used in the formation of new polymers, while radio-reticulation modifies the properties of existing polymers. It is possible to improve the mechanical and/or thermal properties of a polymer via irradiation.

These phenomena offer numerous methods of action: dose absorbed, dose rate, chemical nature of substrate or presence of a co-agent are all parameters that may or may not favour the use of radio-reticulation or radio-polymerisation.

Carnot MICA has the industrial equipment needed to test these two processes.

This expertise is suitable for application in the transport, sport and environment sectors.

Production of resins for composites

Carnot MICA offers cutting-edge processes for formulating innovative resins:

  • Recycled resins
  • Biosourced resins
  • Photopolymerised resins
  • Biocompatible resins, etc.

Making structural reinforcements in 2D and 3D for composites

Carnot MICA draws on its strong expertise in yarns, fibres and textiles to make structural reinforcements in 2D and 3D.

MICA has equipment industrially configured to make these reinforced structures (polymers, glass, carbons, natural fibres).

Optimising filler/matrix interfaces in composites

Carnot MICA uses its expertise in surface functionalisation for applications in the field of composites and particularly the optimisation and compatibilisation of reinforcement/matrix interfaces.

The diversity of its processes opens the way for a wide variety of applications:

  • Integration of natural fibres in high-performance matrixes
  • Integration and dispersion of nano and micro-particles in organic matrixes, etc.
  • Integration of synthetic fibres (glass, carbon) in high-performance matrixes

Characterisation platform, performance and durability testing

Carnot MICA has a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment for characterising and testing the performance and durability of surfaces, materials and parts produced using these innovative processes.

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