Surface functionalisation

Carnot MICA assists with your surface functionalisation projects and helps you control the interface properties for your materials.

Fonctionnalisation de surfaces

Surface functionalisation, treatment, coatings and thin film

Carnot MICA is an expert in surface functionalisation and the control of interface properties, offering the following services:

  • Surface chemistry control (laser, plasma, ionisation, grafting, chemistry, LbL, etc.)
  • Interface interaction control (adhesion, surface energy, friction, controlled salting-out, conduction, conductivity, etc.
  • Production of coatings and thin film in single or multiple layers (polymer, oxide, metal, etc.) using different processes (in a vacuum, under pressure and in atmospheric pressure)
  • Surface treatment for controlling, improving and perfecting the surface properties of materials

The properties targeted are primarily:

  • SUPER properties – hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity
  • ANTI properties: corrosion, adhesion, fouling, icing, fire, wear, bacterial, radiation, stain
  • Specific properties: selectivity, thermal, mechanical, hardness, chemical resistance, optical, aesthetic, sheen, texturing

These properties are found in the following applications:

  • Chemical sensors, optimised adhesion, mechanical resistance, matrix fibre compatibilisation, controlled release of active ingredients, use of stimuli to adjust properties, active and responsive materials, anti-counterfeiting, marking, smart materials

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