Ecodesign, sustainable development, green chemistry, biosourced materials, resource upcycling, depollution

Effluent treatment
Effluent treatment Selective adsorption, absorption, methanisation, filtration processes, active coatings, photocatalysis, VOC, biosourced materials, recyclability
Biosourced materials
Biosourced materials Biosourced polymer synthesis, green chemistry, natural fibres, composites, encapsulation, biodegradation, recycling, environmental impact
Performance and durability testing
Performance and durability testing Adsorption capacity, biodegradability, ageing, recycling, ecodesign, lifecycle assessment, pilot reactors
Fertilisation, soil amendment
Fertilisation, soil amendment Controlled salting-out, biofertiliser formulation, carbon sequestration, CO2 storage, biochars, activated carbons, compost, digestate
End of life upcycling
End of life upcycling Back to soil, biodegradability, recycling, material and energy upcycling, lifecycle assessment
Green chemistry and clean processes
Green chemistry and clean processes Photopolymérisation LED, solvants verts, procédés alternatifs, bioprocédés en voies humides et sèches, biopolymères
Ecodesign Lifecycle, energy saving, biosourced and recyclable materials, green solvents, virtual design, circular economy, material upcycling

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