Industry 4.0

Virtual reality, additive manufacturing, instrumentation, online non-destructive inspection

3D and 4D additive manufacturing
3D and 4D additive manufacturing DED-CLAD process, parts reparation, addition of functions, 3D property-gradient materials, PIM process, refilling, 4D printing
Integrated monitoring in the production chain
Integrated monitoring in the production chain Quality control via rapid optical metrology, detection of surface defects, dimensional inspections, 3D positioning monitoring
Smart materials
Smart materials Smart textiles, connected/photostimulable/photoreticulable/self-healing/selective/piezoelectric materials
Virtual reality
Virtual reality Review of industrial projects, product communication, virtual industrial and cultural visits, immersive experiences, training, workstation ergonomics
Sensors 3D digitisation and surface defect analysis sensors, sensor integration (temperature, magnetism, humidity, chemical, VOC)

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Female and Male Engineers are Discussing the 3D CAD Software Render of an Electric Concet Car. High Tech Laboratory with a Prototype Vehicle Chassis.

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