EstoMpe®: The first radiation-filtering textile

EstoMpe®: The first radiation-filtering textile V

Development of the first textile capable of selectively filtering electromagnetic radiation

Unlike existing products that block all frequency bands, EstoMpe® has succeeded in selectively filtering predefined frequencies, such as WIFI and GSM waves. It also protects people and data when used as a sheath for a particular space.

The electromagnetic protection properties are obtained via the special design of a motif that creates the selective capacity and by printing this motif on the textile using a conductive ink.

Other functionalities such as concealment, hydrophobicity, fire-proofing and sound-proofing can be incorporated in the EstoMpe® product. This textile, developed by IFTH, a MICA member, in partnership with SENFA, a manufacturer of coated technical textiles, and CTP, an Institut Carnot PolyNat member, is a major technological breakthrough that is now available for industrial use.

Finishing platform: Textile functionalisation

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